Semantic Web for All

March 27, 2008

Source: WikipediaI’m ready for the semantic web. I want to write a blog post (such as this), have a crawler understand what I’m writing about, and go fetch relevant content from anywhere on the web for me to automatically include in my post. The waiting time for such a thing may be years, however, and I’ve resigned myself to that fact.

And then, a bolt of lightening from TechCrunch and my dream becomes reality. There’s a little company called Zemanta that launched in Alpha today, and this blog post will be my first foray into the semantic web. As I type, Zemanta is finding pics and articles that it deems relevant and useful to my subject. All of the pics and links you see scattered about took me one click to add from my new Zemanta plug-in for WordPress. I’m truly psyched.

Check back for further thoughts on this boss piece of Web 3.0.

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