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This is not another wediaup post about Zemanta, but the concept they are pushing.  I posted earlier today at about how Zemanta is cool because of the way they operate. They updated their software today and released the news via twitter.  Which is very cool, plus the fact it took me 0 (zero) seconds to install.  Why?  It’s Saas – software as a  service.

This is a great model – because even if I was not on Twitter (but I am “vwtom” and so is this blog “wediaup“) as soon as i fired up my blog application it would have loaded the new version of the software.

That is why we are so pumped about Zemanta, Saas and the semantic web at wediaup.  It’s just giving you what you need, when you need it.  Now, let’s imagine we could do the same with content.  We don;t need to go looking for content – content will find us.  We just do what we do and content seeps in like a green ooze.

Pretty cool if you ask me.

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I picked up on a post from the BBC, they interviewed Tim Berners-Lee talking about the internet and how immature it still is.

The future web will put “all the data in the world” at the fingertips of every user, Sir Tim said.

“The web has been a tremendous tool for people to do a lot of good even though you can find bad stuff out there.”

Making the web free to use had a vital role in spreading its use worldwide.

Because the web was designed and became open, wild and free – it allowed for the global view to plug-in. This lead to the rapid uptake of the idea and ultimately brought us to where we are today…a ecosystem which supports conversation, social systems and information.

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We had a little experiment called Project 1two5 going on over at the white-label social network, KickApps. After setting it up and playing with it for a few weeks, the user interface, navigation, blaring ads, and customization options just didn’t meet our needs. Good experiment, but now it’s time to shut ’em down and find a better venue for the important dialogue that needs to be had around New Media, Wedia, Innovation, Semantic Web, Content and Collaboration. This fits right into our goal of failing early and failing cheaply. Now we just need to fail more often.

To be clear, our Project 1two5 still exists, just not on KickApps. Project 1two5 is about discussing and collaborating on how to bring Wedia Innovation to LoMediaCo’s. This can be done in many places, including here at Wedia Up, and over on our Facebook Group. In fact, our friend (and father figure to some), Chuck Peters, launched a blog that is an important part of this discussion over at Local Information Utility. Check it one time.

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Semantic Web for All

March 27, 2008

Source: WikipediaI’m ready for the semantic web. I want to write a blog post (such as this), have a crawler understand what I’m writing about, and go fetch relevant content from anywhere on the web for me to automatically include in my post. The waiting time for such a thing may be years, however, and I’ve resigned myself to that fact.

And then, a bolt of lightening from TechCrunch and my dream becomes reality. There’s a little company called Zemanta that launched in Alpha today, and this blog post will be my first foray into the semantic web. As I type, Zemanta is finding pics and articles that it deems relevant and useful to my subject. All of the pics and links you see scattered about took me one click to add from my new Zemanta plug-in for WordPress. I’m truly psyched.

Check back for further thoughts on this boss piece of Web 3.0.

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