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This is not another wediaup post about Zemanta, but the concept they are pushing.  I posted earlier today at about how Zemanta is cool because of the way they operate. They updated their software today and released the news via twitter.  Which is very cool, plus the fact it took me 0 (zero) seconds to install.  Why?  It’s Saas – software as a  service.

This is a great model – because even if I was not on Twitter (but I am “vwtom” and so is this blog “wediaup“) as soon as i fired up my blog application it would have loaded the new version of the software.

That is why we are so pumped about Zemanta, Saas and the semantic web at wediaup.  It’s just giving you what you need, when you need it.  Now, let’s imagine we could do the same with content.  We don;t need to go looking for content – content will find us.  We just do what we do and content seeps in like a green ooze.

Pretty cool if you ask me.

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As Nick and I were lurking around the web for interesting articles on open innovation I ran across a post about SaaS called “Total economic impact of Software-as-a-Service: The foundation of a sound technology investment“:

As firms look to focus on core business processes, software-as-a-service (SaaS) provides an increasingly attractive alternative. Companies of all sizes are weighing advantages of SaaS which has emerged as an important deployment option in customer relationship management (CRM) but is also eliciting interest in other areas such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), security or backup just to name a few.

Total economic impact of Software-as-a-Service

What really blows me away is that 44% of people were not interested in SaaS. I really just wonder if they are not interested, or don’t know what it is – or maybe they are nervous about the idea of cloud computing?

It just becomes more interesting as we begin to design and built an innovation platform, with plans to leverage a SaaS model.