Project 1two5

April 1, 2008

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Despite all of the ad share losses, stock drops, and incessant competition, Local Media Companies (LoMediaCo’s) still matter. There are dozens of articles/blogs/videos posted everyday that outline the trouble with LoMediaCo’s. It’s good to understand the troubling reports if, at the very least, it lights a fire that propels you toward action.

Project 1two5 is meant to propel action towards a future state of LoMediaCo’s, not so much dwell on the current and past states. It’s meant to create a community of Media Insiders and Media Outsiders who care about the next level of innovation at LoMediaCos. There are two sides to this. One = The Process of Innovating. Two = The Actual Innovation. And surely, with more conversation, we’ll uncover a third and fourth side, subsets of sides, and alternative sides.

Assumption Round-up – Why LoMediaCo’s Still Matter

  1. LoMediaCo’s create a lot of relevant content that no one else does
  2. LoMediaCo’s are a trusted info source
  3. LoMediaCo’s have a vested interest in their communities
  4. LoMediaCo’s have recognizable brands
  5. LoMediaCo’s still make money (just not as much)
  6. LoMediaCo’s have full-time employees
  7. …and a bunch of other stuff that will come out in conversation

Why Innovation is Vital

  1. There are more ways to gather and present information than people know what to do with
  2. Playing catch-up all the time is annoying
  3. Doing something innovative is hard, but doing something hard makes people and companies grow
  4. Not innovating will continue to erode LoMediaCo’s market position
  5. Consumers and non-consumers demand a lot more of their news/info sources, and LoMediaCo’s need to meet those demands
  6. …and a bunch of other stuff that will come out in conversation

Who are we to create a Community

  1. We’re starting a company to help LoMediaCo’s ideate, innovate, and use the best tools to make content infinitely functional. It’s called e-Me Ventures, but that doesn’t really matter. The point is that we spend a lot of time working on these issues because we know there’s value in it.
  2. We care, so we share. LoMediaCo’s have a very important bundle of problems to tackle, and they need real conversation in an open forum to solve.
  3. We’ve got a team of Media Insiders and Media Outsiders, so hopefully we’ll reflect a decently wide range of thought in our chosen area of focus.
  4. We crawl the web constantly for innovative thoughts and interesting reports on Media. Having a community will give us a great place to store these findings and strike up conversations about them.
  5. We know there are many people who share the same interests and need a place to find and share info, too.
  6. All this is called “Project 1two5” because LoMediaCo’s are very 1.0, they need to get to 1.5, but we can work on 1.25 today.
  7. …and a bunch of other stuff that will come out in conversation.

What to do?

  1. We’re gonna continue to outline problems/issues/innovations, blog about them, add content and research, and start conversations
  2. You can join in at any point for whatever reason.

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