Man - Back Into the FutureImage by jovike via Flickr

Us fellas over here at Wedia Up saw the future on Thursday. And the future is obvious.

Back-end systems are the bane of any aspiring company. There is so much infrastructure building to slog through before you can get to the meat of an idea. This slows innovation, costs a bushel of benjamins, and can weigh down morale.

But what if the infrastructure was already there? All of the servers, security, databases, and computing power you could use?

The go-getters over at (as in, are rolling out such a thing called Platform as a Service. We saw it in action on Thursday, and most other methods of programming quickly seemed antiquated. Platform as a Service is an obvious next step in computing, but only obvious once you’ve seen it. We’ve seen the future, and are gonna be running towards it.

As with anything that “is the future”, LoMediaCo’s gotta understand it and find the benefits.

We’re starting the process of understanding all this, and will update our thoughts often.

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