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A Vertical Ad Network appears to be a thing of beauty. One such network, Adify, just sold to Cox for $300 million. Cheers to them, but I didn’t know what a Vertical Ad Network was until I read Andrew Chen’s explanation. An important thing for any LoMediaCo, New Media Startup, or long-tail blogger to know.

Side note: funny that Zemanta only picked up on the word “cheers” and popped up this picture.

The basic premise seems to be for websites without ad sales expertise to outsource their ad selling to a Vertical Ad Network. Seems that if a VAD can get a website a higher CPM than before, it’s a given that outsourcing is the way to go. Plus, less hassle and headache.

Any LoMediaCo’s using a VAD? Anyone willing to experiment?

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We had a little experiment called Project 1two5 going on over at the white-label social network, KickApps. After setting it up and playing with it for a few weeks, the user interface, navigation, blaring ads, and customization options just didn’t meet our needs. Good experiment, but now it’s time to shut ’em down and find a better venue for the important dialogue that needs to be had around New Media, Wedia, Innovation, Semantic Web, Content and Collaboration. This fits right into our goal of failing early and failing cheaply. Now we just need to fail more often.

To be clear, our Project 1two5 still exists, just not on KickApps. Project 1two5 is about discussing and collaborating on how to bring Wedia Innovation to LoMediaCo’s. This can be done in many places, including here at Wedia Up, and over on our Facebook Group. In fact, our friend (and father figure to some), Chuck Peters, launched a blog that is an important part of this discussion over at Local Information Utility. Check it one time.

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