Twitter as a resource

April 8, 2008

I was one of those guys at first…one of the guys that was spouting about how Twitter is a cool little novelty, but not really useful.  Man I hate it when I say REALLY stupid stuff like that.

I was reading a post from Paul Chaney at Conversational Media Marketing called “A minor Twitter miracle“.  He talks about needing some information for a book and really having no resource – so he Twittered to see if anyone could help him out.  Shortly after – he received a reply and had a huge lead.

I followed Kevin’s advice and contacted Rick, the gentleman he referenced. Within 20 minutes, Rick had contacted the manager of the Adsense for feeds project and put me in touch with him. And he told me to put him in touch with the author. Badda-bing! Problem solved.

It just really shows the power of the collective intelligence Twitter leverages – so drop a note out on Twitter and see what the big Twitter brain has to say.

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