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Medill at Northwestern is a renowned Journalism School just an hour El ride from e-Me HQ. Seeing as we’ve got a bent towards new media and the like here at Wedia Up, we figured it’d be good to try to engage some of the students.

Lucky us, it was Medill Career Day. Unlucky us, we failed to sign-up and pay the fee to have a booth at the event. Undeterred, I packed my old-school flyers and went searching for students to bring into the Wedia Up conversation.

Asking a couple questions at the registration desk, I was quickly introduced to the Director of Career Services, Jim O’Brien. Jim understood what I was getting at and was very helpful. Not surprisingly, he noted that my old and busted flyers wouldn’t garner much attention from J-students (I knew that, but how else to turn a physical event into an online meeting?). The solution: send Jim the e-Me info so he could distribute to students via electronic-mail. Genius, Jim. Genius.

So, the Medill conversation begins. If you’re a Medill Student coming to join the conversation, welcome. I’d be interested to know if you heard about us via the flyer or email.