Fire on the MountainImage by matrix2003 via Flickr

A house on fire brings LoMediaCo’s running. I think the rationale is that it’s what people want to see. If that’s true, wouldn’t there be an amazing place on the web that serves up endless Feeds and Vids of houses on fire?

To find out, I turned to a bastion of Wedia: Technorati. They keep a handy list of the top 100 Blogs. I didn’t see one that even remotely touched on burning houses or any other kind of local disaster. Most blogs are about politics, gadgets, blogs, celebrities, and the web.

Here’s the problem, LoMediaCo’s are caught in a cycle of providing content that is visceral for 30 seconds, but does not illicit opinion, thought, or action. The only thing someone could say about a house on fire is, “wow, that’s horrible. I hope it doesn’t happen to me.” LoMediaCo’s don’t have to give up the house on fire stories, but they do need to realize that that kind of story does not fly online. Houses on fire don’t build community. Houses on fire aren’t sticky.