to-letImage by steelmonkey via Flickr

Our heads are in a new space. Literally: we have a new office that’s conducive to rolling around while thinking. Figuratively: We’re rolling around hot ideas in our heads.

Here’s what’s been wheeling around: All digital content needs a unique identifier that shows who made it, when, on what equipment, and what it’s about. How else are we supposed to find relevant content no matter the venue? How else is the original author going to get props/cents?

Currently, there is a standard called DOI (not to be confused with DOA or DWI). Digital Object Identifier. Seems like it’s mostly used for academic papers so that they can be found even if the location (website) changes. But are lomediaco’s using it? Is there a way to embrace and expand the standard to include the myriad UGC and Pro content out there? Make it all relevant?

If you know about this kinda stuff, we’d love to hear from you. We think it’s a necessary piece of the relevant web.

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