Hello Ya’ll

March 26, 2008

Defining this whole Wedia concept could get pretty messy. In fact, if it does get defined, I’m gonna go ahead and say it loses its fun relevance. Do people have trouble defining what a blog or wiki is? Doubtful. That’s what makes blogs and wikis┬ásuper-awesome tools, but not stay-awake-at-night concepts.

In the name of fun and new ideas and a pinch of innovation, we’re gonna start drawing some fuzzy lines around the Wedia concept. We’ll keep it up as long as we can redraw/scratchout/extend the lines around Wedia. A huge bonus is that there are a bunch of on-fire people out there talking about this stuff already. We’ll definitely draw on your blog-pearls, and hopefully give you a reason to draw on ours.

And now, the first gauntlet gets laid down (which implies that there are gauntlets to come). If┬áTom and Nick can get 10 decent posts up by April 3rd, our benevolent boss is gonna buy us a round of beers. Because yes, we’re young and eager enough to take that as an incentive.