The Big Switch

June 3, 2008

Diagram of cloud computing architecture.

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Great couple ‘o weeks under our belts here at e-Me. Sure, we drove 30 hours in a 48 hour time-frame. Yup, we saw how hot semantic content can be at Nstein. No doubt, we built tables out of doors. Yes siree, we’re gaining Wedia clarity. Can’t deny it, we’re all over Google Sites to contain our project management needs.

And now, in a serendipitous pulling-together of some of our thoughts, I read about The Big Switch. No, I did not actually read the book (thanks to my utter lack of a Kindle). But, I’ll trust MIT to outline the main points for me.

  • Cloud computing is coming at you fast
  • Businesses are created on top of utilities
  • And guess what, computing is a utility
  • Differentiate yourself on something else besides computing

This affects Wedia in two ways

  1. You best be building Wedia on a robust utility instead of a DIY/homegrown one-off that doesn’t differentiate the business
  2. Watch out. After computing, content is the next thing to become a utility (go ahead, debate me on this one)

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As Nick and I were lurking around the web for interesting articles on open innovation I ran across a post about SaaS called “Total economic impact of Software-as-a-Service: The foundation of a sound technology investment“:

As firms look to focus on core business processes, software-as-a-service (SaaS) provides an increasingly attractive alternative. Companies of all sizes are weighing advantages of SaaS which has emerged as an important deployment option in customer relationship management (CRM) but is also eliciting interest in other areas such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), security or backup just to name a few.

Total economic impact of Software-as-a-Service

What really blows me away is that 44% of people were not interested in SaaS. I really just wonder if they are not interested, or don’t know what it is – or maybe they are nervous about the idea of cloud computing?

It just becomes more interesting as we begin to design and built an innovation platform, with plans to leverage a SaaS model.