Vertical Ad Network – A Way to Monetize the Long Tail

April 30, 2008

Woody, Cliff and Norm on The SimpsonsImage via Wikipedia

A Vertical Ad Network appears to be a thing of beauty. One such network, Adify, just sold to Cox for $300 million. Cheers to them, but I didn’t know what a Vertical Ad Network was until I read Andrew Chen’s explanation. An important thing for any LoMediaCo, New Media Startup, or long-tail blogger to know.

Side note: funny that Zemanta only picked up on the word “cheers” and popped up this picture.

The basic premise seems to be for websites without ad sales expertise to outsource their ad selling to a Vertical Ad Network. Seems that if a VAD can get a website a higher CPM than before, it’s a given that outsourcing is the way to go. Plus, less hassle and headache.

Any LoMediaCo’s using a VAD? Anyone willing to experiment?

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