Embrace the Process, Not the Event, to Be Innovative

April 28, 2008

FreakonomicsImage via Wikipedia

One line from a recent entry on the NYTimes Freakonomics blog struck me, and it is the title of this post. Freakonomics explains why innovation is so vital, and yet so difficult to measure. We often strive for the big event of a successful innovation, but the event only happens if the process is sound. Innovation isn’t reducible to quarterly forecasts like revenues. Innovation takes patience and failure, and will every once in awhile yield big successes.

The process of innovation does not guarantee success, but success is only repeatable (i.e., not a fluke) if there is a sound innovation process. This is what we’re striving for at Wedia Up and e-Me Ventures. We’re finding our innovation process in order to have a shot at the big event.

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