Ya-who? No man –> Yahoo!

April 25, 2008

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OK, I’m not too old (yet) and I’ve been doing this internet thing for a while…for example – when I came on the scene Yahoo! was h-hot.  Then the portal search giant took a bit of a nap.  When they woke up Google had eaten their lunch and now Microsoft is outside trying to repo the GTI.

But have you taken a look at what they guys have been up to lately?  I mean seriously – these dudes are on a roll.  I know – you tell me they are too big, old school and on the way out…but I tell you, Yahoo! still have some gas in the tank.

I give you cool stuff from Yahoo!

  • Yahoo! Open Strategy (Y!OS)
    Imagine a world where you can write code that will meaningfully reach millions of users in a single bound. That’s the promise of an open Yahoo!.  A world that invites developers to take advantage of our huge scale to write applications that build on our existing properties (think Mail, Sports, Search, our front page, mobile, My Yahoo!, etc.), tap into millions of loyal users, and make Internet experience more relevant and useful.

  • The Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI)
    The Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library is a set of utilities and controls, written in JavaScript, for building richly interactive web applications using techniques such as DOM scripting, DHTML and AJAX. The YUI Library also includes several core CSS resources. All components in the YUI Library have been released as open source under a BSD license and are free for all uses.
  • Yahoo! AMP
    AMP! from Yahoo! aims to transform the online advertising industry by dramatically simplifying processes for advertisers, agencies, ad networks and publishers
  • del.icio.us redesign
    “We’ve refreshed the UI, built an entirely new (and faster) search engine, and added numerous improvements based on your feedback.”

    I’m just saying – when I have to reinstall firefox…the first extension is my del.icio.us buttons.  I’m still telling you, in my opinion del.icio.us is a model of the next version of search.  Don’t believe me?  See Mahalo – human power search.

  • code.flikr.com
    In the last week we deployed new code to Flickr 50 times, including 546 changes by 16 people. We issued over 2,000 new API keys, and third party developers made an average of 704 API calls per second, across 109 public API methods. We added 1 new API method, and updated 7 others. There are approximately 10,000 lines of open source code in our public subversion repository. And our new developer site, code.flickr.com, is where you keep up with all that.

    Seriously – I cannot live without my flikr.  And now video too.  I’m not saying I don’t like me some YouTube, but if I can do both pics and vids in once place – flickr me please.

  • Yahoo! Local & Maps Blog
    We have seen countless users struggle to find what they’re looking for in a specific area or neighborhood using current local search and online maps products (ahem…ours included). The results may be spread over too wide an area or not in a specific enough area.
  • ycombinator.com
    Y Combinator is a new kind of venture firm specializing in funding early stage startups. We help startups through what is for many the hardest step, from idea to company.  We invest mostly in software and web services. And because we are ourselves technology people, we prefer groups with a lot of technical depth. We care more about how smart you are than how old you are, and more about the quality of your ideas than whether you have a formal business plan.

    * I’m not saying the y combinator is new or currently innovative…buy it has to be one of the most public version of this concept.

So what’s my point?  I guess a couple.  Some one needs to buy these guys or quit talking about it.  I’m not sure if it should Google, Microsoft or Wediaup.  But Yahoo! is getting ready to really crack it open again.

What do you think?

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