Auto-update Twitter. For Real?

April 16, 2008

Ford Five Hundred interior focused on the automatic transmission.Image via Wikipedia

New Media Bytes has a sweet tutorial on how to auto-update Twitter. If only there was a way that LoMediaCo’s could use this functionality to their benefit….hmmmm. Maybe sending out headlines and quips automatically to all the neato early-adopters on Twitter? Gaining some street cred? Did I mention it’s automatic, so no need to have someone sit all day re-typing headlines?

The functionality grabbed me, but I must admit I haven’t tried it yet. Give me some time and I will update this post with my thoughts on setting up Auto Twitter here on Wedia Up.

UPDATE: Auto-update Twitter IS for real. It takes a whole 5 minutes over at Twitter Feed to get rolling. No need to watch a 10 minute tutorial to get the gist on this one. It looks like this thing will work for any RSS feed, grab the headline, and add in some stock text at the beginning (like “Headlines from WediaUp”). Choose how often it should search the rss (from 30 min to 24 hours), and how many posts it should capture. Now I just have to see if it’s consistent. Anyone use this for a real news site?

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7 Responses to “Auto-update Twitter. For Real?”

  1. For the most part I’m against auto-Twittering, just because it seems to clutter up the space. If it can disperse Tweets at predefined intervals and the content it is posting is relevant or interesting, it might work, but otherwise it’s just like old media that gets pushed out onto the audience without their input.

  2. njpeters Says:

    You bring up a great point, Mike, about the humanness of new media. It seems that a new medium takes off because it attracts real people saying real things (like twitter, and blogs before it). As soon as a medium gets big enough, there is a rush to automate in order to push more content and make $. This can only be sustained for so long before there is a new medium where real people can have real conversations without constant spam, bacn, and bots. Now that I think about it, it’s exactly those reasons that have made me shun MySpace, barely tolerate email, waffle on Facebook, and enjoy Twitter.

    Luckily, my auto-feed on Twitter didn’t actually work. I’ll be more conscientious about keeping it real in the future.

  3. Terry Kate Says:

    Yeah, but personally, not to spam the lines, but it would be nice if I know on a day I am super busy I could set something up that it posts my prerecorded message about an author signing or guest blogging on my site. Not the more personal stuff, just the few business things that I could plan ahead.
    That’s what I would find great.

  4. Shaun Says:

    For Twitter automation i’ve got to say Twimbo from was one of the easiest to set up and one of the more intelligent bots.

    It only took a few minutes to set up and it’s currently priced low for early adopters. My traffic has doubled since using it and I now have a great following on Twitter.

  5. Jeremy Says:

    hmm auto twittering sound dangerous but i am going to try it out ..
    seems to be a great way to generate traffic

  6. Torn lo Says:

    i made my adobe AIR auto twitter and no bans . used 2 days

  7. justin Says:

    My fav. autoupdater is .. switched from twitterfeed

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