Walk It Off – An Excercise in Imprecise Innovation

April 8, 2008

Tapes 'n Tapes performing at the Siren Music Festival.Image via Wikipedia

I love how two disparate things can converge so nicely. Thing #1: Great post over at MediaShift calling out Newsrooms to “Walk the Talk of Change”. Check out some great examples of Talk and Action over there.

Thing #2: My favorite band, Tapes ‘n Tapes, released their 2nd Album today entitled “Walk It Off”. Take a listen over at MTVU. It’s piping hot if you’re into the independent rock.

I hope you agree that these are disparate things. Now comes the convergence.

Instead of Walk the Talk, I like the concept of Walk It Off for LoMediaCo’s. Walk the Talk connotes some blustery guy saying all the right words and pretending to know precisely where he’s going. Walk It Off is saying, “I think that ‘it’ is over there, and instead of measuring exactly where it is, I’m just gonna approximately walk towards it. If I’m close, great. If not, I’ll have a better viewpoint to walk it off again.”

Wedia Up is an exercise in Walking It Off. Tom and I thought it’d be great to do something in the Wedia community, so we got on WordPress in an hour. We’re walking towards where we think Wedia should be.  It may be an imprecise innovation method, but we think it will get us where we want to be more quickly.

Walking It Off is great for the innovation muscles.


2 Responses to “Walk It Off – An Excercise in Imprecise Innovation”

  1. tomaltman Says:

    More importantly – back to Tapes ‘n Tapes. I heard from a good source that your Dad scooped you on getting their recent new release? Do you care to comment?

  2. njpeters Says:

    Scooped may be too strong. More like he was the beneficiary of a supply chain snafu (his CD was accidentally sent before the release date). Plus, he loses points for wanting to own a CD instead of just getting a digital download.

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