Wedia All Over

April 3, 2008

A license plate seen in the Googleplex parking lot.Image from WikipediaWith a little Google and a little patience, I culled through the top references to Wedia in the…ummmm….Wedia. Here’s what I found out:

  1. Jim Treacher is the front runner for inventing (or at least being the first to use in a blog) Wedia back in March Ought-Five.
  2. is a sweet organization. To crib their site directly “Wedia is a non-profit media company that connects volunteer journalists and filmmakers with non-profits to generate media, awareness and donations for important humanitarian causes.”
  3. is in France (where they speak French). Lucky for me, their tagline is in English and goes like this: Brand is Media. Not sure I agree, but then again, I couldn’t read the explanation. They make content software.
  4. is a close cousin to our little site here. Not hard to see how we influence each other.
  5. NowPublic, a classic example of Wedia, does a little shout-out to Wedia, but makes the mistake of putting it in quotes, thereby de-wording it.
  6. And then there’s our dear friend and colleague, Tom Altman, who is the originator of Wedia in our circle. Congrats.
  7. The big question, which Google failed to preemptively answer, is; who has Turns out it’s some sort of Japan/China office planning company. They do make the nice point that Wedia can mean both We Media and We Dialogue. Props.

Let’s see if we can plant the term and concept of Wedia elsewhere.


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